Certificates in the Credit Program

Santa Rosa Junior College offers a broad array of Career Technical Education certificate programs that provide a course of study preparing students directly for employment or self-employment upon completion of the program. Most certificate programs are developed through the collaboration of SRJC faculty and industry leaders and employers who sit on advisory committees for the Career Technical Education disciplines.  
There are two types of certificates acknowledged by the State (Title 5, 55070(a)(b)) and the College: those requiring approval by the Systems Office, California Community Colleges called Certificates of Achievement; and, those requiring only local Board approval. At Santa Rosa Junior College, the locally approved certificates are called Skills Certificates. Only Certificates of Achievement which have been approved by the System’s Office will appear on a student transcript.


Certificates of Achievement certify that students successfully completing all requirements are fully prepared to enter the careers designated on their certificates. These programs generally, but not always, require a year or more of study and eighteen or more units of coursework.  
Certificates of Achievement must be approved by the Curriculum Committee and the Board of Trustees. They must also be endorsed by the Bay Area Community College Consortium (comprised of community college occupational administrators) and approved by the Systems Office. Certificates of Achievement are posted to the official transcript.


A Skills Certificate certifies that students successfully completing all requirements are prepared with a particular set of skills for an entry-level position in the field, to upgrade or advance in an existing career, or to pursue a full Certificate of Achievement. These programs usually provide career ladder instruction and are therefore of shorter duration and narrower in scope than Certificate of Achievement Programs.  
Skills Certificates must be approved by the Curriculum Committee and the Board of Trustees
Santa Rosa Junior College is committed to maintaining the academic rigor and relevance of its occupational curriculum. Each Career Technical Education program has an employer advisory committee to provide Career Technical Education outlook information and give input to the curriculum, ensuring that students are learning the skills needed by industry. Whether the student is exploring career choices following high school, considering a major career move, or seeking new skills for advancement, a wide variety of training options are available through these various certificate programs. Skills certificates do not post to the official transcript.


Not all SRJC certificate programs are eligible for purposes of federal financial aid payments.  To be considered eligible, a program must be a minimum of 15 weeks and 16 units in length, must have secured Chancellor’s Office approval prior to the term of aid being paid, and must be included on SRJC’s Federal Aid Participation Agreement.