Sustainable SRJC Committee

The Sustainable SRJC Committee is a collaboration between faculty, staff, administrators, and students committed to expanding and supporting sustainability initiatives at SRJC.  A primary goal is to facilitate the development, implementation, and management of Santa Rosa Junior College’s Strategic Plan Goal E ( and establish a culture of sustainability that promotes environmental stewardship, economic vitality, and social equity throughout all district sites.  The Sustainability Committee is committed to the following functions:  
  • Promote sustainability across the five spheres of sustainability: Economics and Social Equity; Education and Culture; Facilities and Grounds; Energy, Waste and Water; and Transportation and Access
  • Monitor and provide input to district-wide policies and projects, especially construction, renovation, and purchasing, to assure implementation of green practices and principles, in coordination with the District Facilities Planning Committee (DFPC)
  • Network with campus and community sustainability organizations and develop student trainings, events, and internships; coordinate with Student Sustainability Committee
  • Create professional development opportunities related to sustainability for faculty and staff
  • Oversee and promote environmental education at SRJC, including supporting the development of environmental courses and majors, administering the Global/Environment AS requirement, facilitating the Environmental Forum course, awarding Foundation scholarships, and assisting faculty across all disciplines to incorporate sustainability issues into their curricula.
Interested students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to get involved.  Consider the following:  
  • Become a member of the Sustainability Committee and participate within one of the five spheres of sustainability.
  • Participate with SRJC’s Student Government Assembly’s Sustainability Committee.  For more info see the Student Involvement page ( 
  • On the Petaluma campus, get involved with the Petaluma Green Collaborative. Contact David Rau,, Petaluma Library for more information.
  • Take classes or consider a major or certificate in an environmental field such as environmental studies, natural resources management, conservation, sustainable agriculture, or photovoltaics and solar design. See the list of courses that have sustainability as a theme at:   
  • If you are a student, apply for environmental scholarships in the spring semester.  Visit the Scholarship Office website for more information.   
  • Attend the Spring Environmental Forum presentations or sign up to take the Environmental Forum class (ENVST 40). 
  • Most importantly, Get Involved!  Volunteer, intern, and make a difference in your community.  
For more information about District-wide sustainability, visit SRJC’s Sustainability website (