Grade Point Average (GPA)

GPA is computed by dividing the total units attempted (including units for courses repeated) into the total grade points. “P”, “NP”, “CR,”  “NC,”  “I,” and “W” are not included in the total course units attempted. For example, a student who earns a grade of “A” in six units, “B” in three units, “C” in three units, “D” in three units, and “F” in two and one-half units would have a GPA of 2.40.

The computation is shown here:

Units Grade Grade Points
6.0 Units A x 4 = 24.0 grade points
3.0 Units B x 3 = 9.0 grade points
3.0 Units C x 2 = 6.0 grade points
3.0 Units D x 1 = 3.0 grade points
2.5 Units F x 0 = 0.0 grade points
17.5 Units   = 42.0 grade points
  42 grade points/17.5 =2.40 GPA

The GPA for the overall number of units attempted and overall number of grade points can be similarly computed and is known as the Cumulative GPA. Units on file from other institutions are used in calculating the overall GPA.
In calculating students’ degree applicable grade point averages, grades earned in non-degree applicable courses shall not be included.

Policy 3.10 and Procedure 3.10P, Revised August 2019