Coursework Requirements and the Major

Generally stated, a requirement in a major is:
A . A designated course (e.g., ART 15)
B . A defined combination of courses (e.g., ART 2.1 and ART 2.2)
C . A set number of units that can be fulfilled from a list of courses (e.g., 3 units in any combination from the following: ART 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 22, 56). 
A student may submit a request for course substitution for major requirements. The course substitution form for the major is required if the student wishes to use a course for an associate degree major that is different than the curriculum listed in the Catalog and on the Web site. The form can be obtained in the Admissions and Records Office. The student must then submit the form to the appropriate department for approval. Consultation with a counselor is highly recommended to assist the student with the process. Approved course substitutions apply to the requested major only and not to the SRJC General Education patterns (Options A, B, or C) nor any other SRJC major.
A course may be used to satisfy both a General Education Requirement and a major requirement (Title 5, 55806). However, no course may be used more than once to fulfill a requirement in the major.