Course Numbering

The course numbering explanation provided below is to help students easily identify those courses needed as they plan their studies at SRJC.

All courses numbered 299 or lower (1-299) are Associate’s Degree courses. They can be applied toward the 60 unit A.A./A.S. graduation requirement and for certificates.


Courses numbered 1-49 are accepted by the University of California (UC) system and most other four-year colleges and universities. For specific course articulation comparability consult the Counseling Office or the Transfer Center.


Courses numbered 1-99 are accepted by the California State University (CSU) system. For specific course to course articulation, consult the Counseling Office or the Transfer Center.


Independent Study or special project courses are numbered 49 and 98, and are offered to provide an opportunity for students to further their knowledge and skills in a specific subject. They provide the students experience in planning and outlining a course of study on their own initiative under instructor and departmental supervision. These courses are not offered to cover the content of a course that is already part of the College’s regular program of instruction. 

It is recommended that students who contemplate enrolling for independent study courses should have completed one semester of college work and should have taken at least a minimum of one previous course in the specific department in which they will do the independent study. Students enrolling in an Independent Study course numbered 98 must pursue a major in the occupational area of which the independent study project is a part.

Students desiring to register for an Independent Study course must first develop their own project and submit this in writing for the approval of the instructor who will guide the project, the chairperson of the department in which the course is given, and the appropriate dean. Forms are available in the department or the appropriate dean’s office. Three independent study units a semester is considered a reasonable load. A total of six (6) units only, for any combination of 49 and 98 courses, is allowed toward an A.A. degree or toward the 60-unit transfer requirement. In addition, students taking Independent Study courses numbered 49 need to be advised that the University of California (UC) determines credit after transfer, which means that the 49 courses are not counted for admission. (See a counselor for details. )


Courses numbered 100-299 are associate degree applicable. Although not intended for university transfer, occasionally these courses may be accepted for transfer credit by four-year institutions. The determination of acceptance of these courses will be made by the receiving institution. To check whether an articulation agreement exists for a particular course, consult the Counseling Office or the Transfer Center.


Courses numbered 300-399 are college credit, non-degree applicable, and basic skill courses. Non-degree credit courses are courses that earn credit but are not counted toward the 60 units required for the associate degree. Non-degree courses are intended to assist students in acquiring skills needed for college level courses. These courses do apply toward residency, athletic eligibility, work study and financial aid, veterans benefits, associated student body office, and full-time status.


Courses numbered 400 and above are non-credit; no college credit is given for these courses.

89S, 129S, 229S & 329S

Experimental or temporary courses are numbered with 89s, 129s, 229s, and 329s. The College may occasionally offer courses with these numbers, which are designed as trial efforts at new curricular content or methods. Such courses are approved for use as electives toward the associate degree, but may not be usable for a requisite course in a degree, certificate, or general education pattern.