The Catalog 2022-2023 Section 6: Degree, Major, and Certificate Programs

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Associate in Arts and Associate in Science Degrees
Associate Degree for Transfer
General Education Statement of Philosophy
Degree Requirements
Catalog Rights For Majors
Continuous Enrollment
Degree Honors
Additional Associate’s Degrees
Transfer Credit Evaluation
2022-2023 Associate in Arts or Associate in Science General Education Requirements (Option A)
2022-2023 California State University General Education-Breadth Requirements and Associate’s Degree (Option B)
2022-2023 Transfer Pattern to the UC and CSU systems and Associate’s Degree General Ed Requirements (Option C)
2022-2023 IGETC for STEM (for Biology AS-T Only) (Option D)
Major Requirements
The SRJC Major and Transfer
The Career Education Major and the Certificate of Achievement
The Career Education Major and Selection Processes
Multiple Majors
Coursework Requirements and the Major
Term Effective and the Major
2022-2023 List of Majors
Certificates in the Credit Program
The Certificate of Achievement and the Major (degree program)
The Certificate of Achievement and Selection Processes
Certificates in the Non-Credit Program
Certificate Requirements
Term Effective and the Certificate
Catalog Rights for Certificates
2022-2023 List of Certificates